I expect to have 3 or 4 Bay Area rehearsals in 2023. The dates will be posted here once I know them, probably in August.

The rehearsal schedule is determined by the availability of those who need it most, which means the new carolers. After you have been accepted into the roster, I will gather your availability and then publish the rehearsal schedule here.

Rehearsals will be as centrally located as I can manage, and I will strive to have them in places where parking is easy and free, but you may need to drive up to an hour to attend rehearsal depending on where you live (this is why I also gather your zip code).

I need to hear you sing in a quartet before you are approved to gig, but this can be done at rehearsal. So if you are very good at learning music on your own (I do provide well-notated music and vocal reference recordings, so this is definitely possible) - you may only need to attend one of the last rehearsals.

Most new carolers are advised to attend three or four rehearsals, but the rehearsal needs of each caroler vary based on their abilities and experience.

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