There are two basic types of referrals you can get paid for: Gig Referrals and Singer Referrals

Gig referrals:

If you refer a potential client to The Other Reindeer and I book it, I will offer you the gig AND I will pay you an additional $25. 

This applies whether they contact me telling me you referred them, or if you give me their contact information and I follow-up. I don’t advise negotiating rates yourself as I may not be able to honor what your negotiate. If you do refer someone to me, it’s a good idea to let me know in case they forget to tell me your name.


While there is no limit on how many referral fees I will pay you in total, I limit it to four fees per client you refer. So if you refer a client and they book 3 gigs with me, I pay you $75 (25 x 3), plus offer you every gig. If that client books four or more gigs with me, I pay you $100 PLUS offer you every gig. ($100 is the max referral fee from one new client even if they book ten or more gigs)

I don’t pay you referral fees for gigs booked in subsequent seasons with a client you initially referred unless you are instrumental in booking the gig in subsequent years. I know this is somewhat subjective, so please discuss it with me if you have any concerns. 

I don’t consider it a referral if someone sees you performing with The Other Reindeer and wants to book us based on that, but I will offer any gigs sourced that way to the same quartet that was performing when the client saw you.

Singer referrals: 

If you refer a potential singer to The Other Reindeer and they successfully pass the audition and perform at least two gigs with TOR, I will pay you a Finders Fee of $25.

The $25 Finders Fee will be paid after the referred singer has completed their second engagement with TOR, and applies to any active metro area (for 2023, that means Greater Los Angeles, New York City, Denver, and the SF Bay Area). The referred singer MUST put your name in the "How did you hear about The Other Reindeer?" field when they complete the contact form, or when they first contact me.  

There is no limit on how many Finders Fees you can collect, but once I have a sufficient number of voices on each voice part in a metro area, I stop adding singers to the roster for that season, so it is best to refer singers early in the season. 

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